Perry Ground is a Turtle Clan member of the Onondaga Nation and has been telling stories for more than 25 years as a way of educating people about the culture, beliefs and history of the Haudenosaunee (sometimes known as Iroquois) Confederacy. Perry shares his stories in a very energetic, fun, and engaging style and makes the audience part of the story experience. Also an accomplished Educator, Perry has worked with students from Pre-K through college. The classroom programs that Perry offers are taught in the same engaging style and enhance each student’s study of Native Peoples. Perry is available to visit schools, museums, libraries, festivals, and more to share stories and programs that will educate and entertain audiences of all ages.

Latest stories:

  • Okwari Kowa – The Great Bear
    This story happened a long time ago, back when the Great Turtle Island was new… A Haudenosaunee man was hunting but game was scarce, his people were very hungry. The man had gone far from his village in hopes of finding food for his family. As he stalked quietly through forest, he came upon a swath of broken trees. As he walked down this path, the man stumbled into a depression in the ground. He …
  • Ganö’sha’ – The Hairy Legs Creature
    This story happened a long time ago, back when the Great Turtle Island was new… Night was falling on the Haudenosaunee villages and the forest was darkening with each passing minute. Mothers and Aunties began gathering the young children to take them inside the longhouses, readying them for a night’s sleep safe in their beds. But one group of children did not heed the calls of their mothers, intent on continuing to make mischief around …